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Insulated Shipping Containers

Horizon Containers is engaged in the manufacturing of quality insulated shipping containers. We have successfully manufactured and supplied numerous shipping containers and offer a wide range of shipping containers for sale which includes ISO Shipping Containers, DHL and Fedex Shipping Containers, United Parcel Service Shipping Containers, and other types of insulated shipping containers and general-purpose containers. Our insulated shipping containers are widely used in various industries such as Telecom, Power Generation, Construction, Metalwork, Cold storage, Mining, Steel Industry, Automobile, Drilling Rigs, the Chemical industry, and others. These shipping containers are widely used to transport goods internationally. We have also developed new models of shipping containers as per customers' requirements.

Horizon Containers takes pride in its years of experience in the shipping container industry. The company has been able to supply numerous shipping containers for sale, all of which boast excellent quality. Insulated shipping containers from Horizon are widely used in various industries due to their ability to transport goods internationally without compromising on quality or safety. New models of shipping containers are also continuously being developed by the company according to customer requirements.


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