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Shipping Container Homes

Horizon Containers builds the most revolutionary and affordable shipping container homes that are available in the market today. They offer a groundbreaking shipping container home design that is environmentally friendly, spacious, durable, and affordable. There are many unique features of these shipping container homes that make them stand out from other houses. They are completely modular and can be easily shipped across the country and around the world. The shipping container homes have double-wall construction done in the typical corrugated galvanized steel panels which are waterproof and fire retardant. They also have a moisture-proof system for insulating the house which keeps its temperature regulated during the winter and summer months. The modular homes offer the flexibility of choice to the customers to choose their favorite color for their homes as per their specifications and requirements.

Horizon Containers is constantly innovating and coming up with new ways to make their homes even more comfortable and efficient. One of their latest innovations is the inclusion of solar panels in their homes. This means that the homeowners will be able to generate their own electricity, which will help them save money on their utility bills. Horizon Containers is also working on making their homes even more eco-friendly by using recycled materials in the construction of their homes. This helps to reduce the amount of waste that is produced during the construction process, and it also helps to keep the cost of the home down.


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